Friday, 28 October 2011

October Boudoir Prive box

I'm sure you've all heard of Boudoir Prive, if you haven't it's basically a subscription service- you pay £10 a month and get a little box of roughly 5 sample size goodies.

I've been looking at trying one of these beauty boxes for a while, so when Boudoir Prive offered two extra samples when you signed up this month I signed up straight away and began the slightly long wait for my box.

As this was my first box I got two extra items from the September box, I used the Tropic body scrub this morning in my shower, it smells lush and I do think my skin is a little softer.
Not used the nail varnish yet but the colour is a lovely purple with gold flecks in it, so perfect for this time of year but considering all my nail varnish comes off at work I haven't bothered to test it for staying power.

I like the smell of this body butter but its a bit bit strong for everyday and I doubt anything will live up to my L'Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream.

This is actually a pre-shampoo hair oil which has gone solid in the cold weather but I simply pop mine next to my laptop for about 5 minutes and its good to use again. I have super damaged hair from bleaching out red dye in April (5 or so hours of bleach later the red came out) this, along with Ojon damage reverse products my hair is slowly getting better.

This is deffo my favourite thing from this box, I'm addicted to it a little bit but it makes my lips all lovely and soft and I love the taste.
It says its an all-round salve and I have used it a bit on my knees and elbows but it can be a bit greasy.

I've not used the mask yet and considering I'm only 23 I don't wanna use too many anti-aging products but I have used the 'Creme De Lite' serem on my neck a couple of times. Seems nice, probably too young to notice any difference though.

I love this pen too, it has such a fine nib which is perfect for just adding a bit of liner to your eyes to a day look. You can make the line thicker too but I'm yet to wear that look out so I don't know how long it'd last or whether it'd smudge.

I cancelled the boxes due to the fact I'm trying to save up for Christmas and driving lessons but I plan on inspecting a few more boxes around January so let me know your favourite beauty box.

Please Note: Sign up today by midnight to keep getting the boxes for £10, from tomorrow you have to pay postage.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Girl Crush-Dianna Agron

Being a little bit of a glee addict I often wish I was various members of the cast, atm I wish I was Quinn and I have a huge girl crush on Dianna Agron.

I always get the impression Dianna is really in touch with her fans as she seems really down to earth and lovely, Dianna also has her own tumblr.
Dianna is also a vegetarian and a huge supporter of animal rights so that's always a winner with me.

All pictures via: thefashionspot


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