Thursday, 29 November 2012

Christmas Gift Guide- Stylish Gifts

Here's my gift guide to what to get those who want something a bit fashionable or when only style will do. Whatever your budget you should be able to find something here, even for those die hard fashion freaks.

Snowman, Snowman Print and Reindeer socks £3 or 3 for £7-Topman, Shelter Bracelet £2- Topshop, Turtle Notebook £7.99- JW Anderson at Topshop, Robin, Fox and Polar Bear socks £3.50 or 3 for £8- Topshop, Card Holder £8- Asos. 

 Socks are that staple for Christmas, it's not that much fun getting them but they are a staple- liven up the staple with some playful printed socks. You could also keep someones bag organised with this credit card holder or give a gift that gives back with this Shelter tie bracelet, which donates £1 for each one sold to the Shelter charity.

Cufflink and Paisley Tie Set £18- River Island, Parisian Chic Week Planner £12- Topshop, Fox Collar Tips £15- Jewellery by Jaymie, Pug and Kitten Makeup Bags £13- River Island, Brown Belt £14-River Island, Dinosaur T-shirt £14- Asos. 

These little makeup bags are perfect for someone just getting into makeup- you could even pick them up a few bits to pop into it. Collars tips are the easiest way to make an outfit into something special, these fox ones are super cute and won't be seen everywhere. I love this Parisian Chic diary, I'm a sucker for both fashion and stationary so it'd be perfect for anyone who fits that category. 

Floral Underwear Set £26-Topshop, Ralph Lauren Socks £30 for 3 pairs- Asos, Hugo Boss Socks £35 for 3 pairs-Asos, Ted Baker Wallet Set £35- Asos, Watch £39.99- Asos, Dinosaur T-shirt £28- Urban Outfitters. 
Some classic Christmas gifts here, if someone is in the market for a new watch you can't really go wrong with a classic brown strap. This t-shirt from Urban Outfitters is super cute, as is this underwear set from Topshop- the soft cup bra also makes it easier to find the right size. 

Monday, 26 November 2012

Christmas Gift Guide-Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a popular choice for present buying in large groups, often arranged within work groups or students, it means everyone gets a gift without you having to spend a small fortune-easy right? Well not if you end up with someone you don't know very well and a joke present could leave them thinking you're pretty rude- lets face it by the end of Christmas everyone knows who had who.

I usually take part in at least one Secret Santa a year and tend to struggle with finding the perfect gift, so whether you end up with someone you know inside out or someone you've only just become friends with, this gift guide should help you find the gift you need to keep everyone happy.

Penguin Cloth wrap £2.50-Lush, Bird Hand Warmer £5-Topshop, London Mirror £4- Cath Kidston, Pacman Post its £3 and Tetris Magnets £5 both Topshop, Sweets-River Island, Mr Grey £3- River Island, Brush Set £5- Elf.
  When you're stuck with getting a secret santa gift under a fiver, it's pretty hard to get something that doesn't end up in the bin within 5 minutes. Make the dreams of a 50 shades lover with their very own Mr Grey or get a retro games fan these Pacman post-it notes or the Tetris Fridge Magnets.

Star Salt & Pepper Shakers £10-Urban Outfitters, Lady GaGa paper doll £7.50 Selfridges, Ryan Gosling Colouring book £7.50- Selfridges, Table Football £7- Urban Outfitters, Money Bank £9-Topshop.
 Under £10 is much easier and the secret santa bracket I'm used to, of course you've got to keep Secret Santa fun and get someone a slightly silly gift- I have a feeling this Ryan Gosling colouring book will be making the Secret Santa rounds this year. These magic wand salt & pepper shakers would be sure to put a smile of anyone's face this Christmas.

Rob Ryan book £14.99-Topshop, I-phone Case £14-Topman, Vice Calender £10.99-Topman, Plectrum Maker £15-Urban Outfitters, Nail Varnish Set £14-Topshop, Lip Palette £12- Soap & Glory, Pacman Cookie Cutters £12- Urban Outfitters
Under £15 makes things a little easier, of course you can get a bundle of items of the £5 and £10 range you can get someone a present which they should keep till at least the next Secret Santa. Get someone the Pacman cookie cutters and you might even end up with an extra treat for yourself.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sunday Seven

Things I've been loving this past week...

 Knitwear, well I've been loving knitwear for months now but as the weather has taken a windy turn it's the perfect time to layer up. I've built up a strong and varied collection of knitwear this year that will hopefully last me a good while. 
 I'm fond of all the LittleBigPlanet games and LBP Karting is no different, my boyfriend got it on rental this week and we've played a fair amount. It's a shame we can't play online due it to being rental but it's still fun to have a play around. 
Pic: G4TV
 Fashion Industry Confessions Tumblr, making like Gossip Girl this week and reading up on fashion gossip, there are some juicy gossip bits on the site including rumours about the next H&M collab. I recommend you check it out. 

Illamasqua Cream Blush in Sob, had this such a long time but this week I've fallen back in love with it. I've been wearing fuller face makeup recently and this adds a perfect creamy texture to what would otherwise become a cakey face. 

Planning festive outfits ready for December. I love dressing up and what better time to do that than the Christmas period? I'm off out on Christmas day for dinner this year so a lot of outfit planning will need to take place. 

Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle bloggers facebook group, a lovely bunch of bloggers who support each other and when needed give constructive feedback.

Re-reading The Hobbit in prep for the release of the first film, just booked tickets to see the film so I'm very excited atm. I'm a big LOTR fan so hopefully this will be as good as those were, I have no real worries about it failing to please me. 

Friday, 23 November 2012

Miranda Kerr named as new face of Mango

Miranda Kerr, who's past credits include Victoria Secret's, Maybelline and Levi's has been announced as the new face of high street chain Mango. 
 Kerr will take over from Kate Moss as ambassador of the brand for their Spring/Summer 2013 Campaign
 The campaign was shot by fashion photography duo Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, speaking about the contract Kerr expressed her love of the brand, she explained she was fond of shopping in the Spanish based store due to it's ability to have something for every occasion. 

Photo:Elle Magazine

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Treatment Review

 I’ve been using this on and off for about 5 years now, when I first used it, it was an indulgent treat on my uncoloured, largely heat free hair, it was nice but my hair didn’t really need it so I could never justify the price, then whilst at university my hair took a battering from dye, bleach, and heat. 

I tried many a treatment on my hair and lots of homemade remedies but nothing really make a mark till I came home and my mum suggested I tried the Ojon treatment once more, this time overnight and wonders were had. Of course my hair wasn’t perfect but there was a huge difference in just one use, the straw feeling lifted from my hair and it no longer looked damaged. 

 The texture of the treatment is rather strange; it’s not an appealing product to put on your hair due to both the texture and the smell. It's a natural, earthy very slightly nutty scent and is very strong from the moment you open the pot till you wash the treatment out. 

The scent is the only thing I’d change about this, Ojon now offer a lighter scent version, which I’ve not used yet but will be purchasing once my current pot runs out in the hope it makes the overnight treatment more pleasant

Close up of the product

First you need to scoop up about a teaspoon sized blob- less if you have shorter hair then you warm the paste up in your hands to create a rich oil then apply it onto dry unwashed hair largely focusing on the damaged hair, then wash out. Leave the treatment for at least 15 minutes, I try to leave it on overnight as not only does it have the time to properly nourish your hair but it also means you haven’t got to sit around waiting to have a shower. 

I now use this around twice a month as an overnight treatment, sometimes using it three times if I’ve been particularly harsh on my hair.There is still some damage to my hair (I did bleach it from dark red to blonde, so all my fault) but you can only feel the damage when my hair needs washing and it only becomes visible when my hair needs a cut.

Ojon Damage Reverse Treatment costs around £30 (£32.50 on

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday Seven

Seven things I'm loving this Sunday and throughout this week

 MMM x H&M narrow shoulder jacket

Got this jacket at the pre-launch event on Weds, so not too much queuing for me and whilst I never noticed it in the ad campaign, I just had to have it once I tried it on. The fit is something special, I also got the pink candy clutch and the oversized watch frame bracelet but I'm gonna return it as it's just not for me. 

 Fig Candles
I love the smell of fig and I'm having a candle moment, whilst this candle smells gorgeous I'd recommend getting the jar version as this tin just tunnels and a lot of candle gets wasted. 

 Elemis Milk Bath
I don't have baths a lot anymore and whilst I love lush bath bombs, I'm not a huge visitor of Lush and *gasp* I loathe the smell. This, whilst expensive, is my ultimate bathtime treat it makes my skin super soft and relaxes me wonderfully. 

Always fond of this blog but this week especially as I think Sandra has been wearing her MMM X H&M pieces particularly well. She has great style and mixes high street and high end together perfectly.

 Origins GinZing Eye Cream 

A beauty blogger favourite here- which tbh is why I tried it but I still love it and will probably repurchase once my other eye creams are finished. This one is nice and cooling and lifts the darkness under my eyes just enough to not need to cake them in concealer- I just use a touch of Bobbi Brown Corrector and my regular foundation and I'm good to go.

The Walking Dead Comics 
I've just really got into the comics of this, after falling back in love with the TV Show of the same name. The comics are a lot faster paced-maybe I should have read them all back when season two of TWD was slower than the walking dead.

 Once upon a Time
Completely gripped on this show atm, I may love it more due to constant Lost references and many appearances from Lost actors but the plot is engaging too.

Images: Elemis milk bath, GinZing and Candle from, top picture- TFS, twd comic from collider.


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