Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sunday Seven

Things I've been loving this week...

Rebecca Minkoff's Holiday Card, such a cool video full of beautiful people. I loved Rebecca Minkoff's take on Call Me Maybe and I stumbled upon this on Friday and became obsessed. 


 Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose, I have insane dry lips atm and between this and the Yes To Carrots Lip Butter I'm slowly nursing them back to health

Got my hair cut on Monday and looked to Lara Mullen for the style, mine is much longer but still has the same blunt finish which I like to wear messy and with tons of texture. 

Livin Cool
Kate Upton for UK Vogue, I'm in love with her shoot for Vogue. A lot of people say she isn't suited to high fashion and I think this proves she can do it, it's really classy and only shows off her true beauty. 

House Of  Fraser
Laura Mercier Primer, I've pretty much come to the end of mine now- we had a beautiful relationship. I can't really afford to replace it but I just might have to.  
Youtube Rewind 2012, okay this is a fun video but I love it for the 10 seconds of Felicia Day performing Call Me Maybe. 

Friday, 21 December 2012

Lancome 'In Love' Beauty Spring 2013

This campaign is simply beautiful and perfect for Spring, it's loaded with nice bright colours and Emma looks so good with a bold eye and whilst I'm not the biggest Emma fan I love her hair short.

The products are shown off in this shot, which i always prefer so you can almost see how to recreate the look and in the warmer months I often wear bright coloured eyeliner. 

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Winter Skincare Routine

Origins Drink Up Mask
 A real treat and beauty bloggers favourite, it's easy to see why. I apply this once a week about an hour before bed otherwise my face sticks to the pillow- nice. This is an intensive overnight mask which you let sink into your skin and do it's magic, this is a cult product for me I love everything about it and it's especially nice since my skin does what it wants it winter.

L'Occitane Toner
Only just got this really but so far I am liking it, it smells really nice but whilst it's a spitz toner its really wet so I tend to spray on cotton wool pads then dab on my face otherwise you have to dry your face before applying moisturiser and thus remove most of the product.I'm yet to see any real benefits yet but I've always felt that way with toners so we'll see how I feel once this is used up.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish- Special Edition
I use Liz Earle all year round, I got this Special Edition version with my birthday money in September and I love it. it's perfect for cold winter night cleansing. Sadly I'm running low now and it appears to be sold out everywhere. I either use the regular Liz Earle in the morning or a water cleanser as my skin doesn't really like being cleansed twice a day.

Steam Cream
 A new favourite for me, I've been searching for a moisturiser which ticks all the boxes and atm this one is but I've only been using it about two weeks so we'll have to wait and see what happens after a month. It makes my skin lovely and soft but not too tacky and I can start applying makeup within minutes.

Origins Eye Cream
I've not used a huge amount of eye creams but this is my favourite, so I've been using this for about a year now. I'm coming to the end of my pot now so will have to use up a couple I have hanging around before buying a new one.
I love how cooling this cream is on the eyes and it's very slightly reflective so helps to brighten up my awful under eye circles. It's really light and easy to massage into the skin, which means less touching of the area.

Simple Night Cream
I'll be the first to admit I'm a product snob, I like higher end products but I simply love this, I like it almost as much as I like the Clarins Overnight cream but it's like £30 cheaper. I'm not sure if it would really work on older skin but I always wake up with soft skin that feels fresh and replenished.It's not as thick as other night creams I've tried but as I use a treatment mask once a week I don't I need it to be that thick.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
I got a little sample of this way back in February when I went to IMATS and fell in love with it as did my mother but at around £40 we wrote it off as a nice treat we'd never own but then one weekend my mum came home from Harrods with a bottle for us to share. I use this once a week as I have sensitive skin and also to save product. It really gets off any dry skin without being too harsh or getting all over my face. 
I love this because you mix up the paste yourself meaning it can be as harsh or as gentle as you like.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sunday Seven

 Things I'm loving this week...
 Almost finishing my Christmas shopping and wrapping, this would be finished except I bought my Secret Santa but failed to bring it home from the shop- change of plan there then.

 Watched my first Christmas movie this weekend in the form of Love Actually, it's a favourite of mine and perfectly gets me in the Christmas mood.

 The blog I've been loving this month is Look What I Got and is run by the lovely Jess who also plays a huge part in running FBL Bloggers on Facebook. Her blog is largely fashion and focuses a lot on her personal style. 

 My boyfriend and I went to see The Hobbit on Thursday and we both loved it, I'm a huge LOTR fan so was very excited for this film and it didn't disappoint- having to wear 3-D glasses over my own did but otherwise every second was brilliant.
John Lewis
Stella by Stella McCartney, I used to wear this all the time a few years ago then I got into a few others and the bottles I owned got forgotten but I found  a new one the other day and gave it a try once more. I'm addicted again, it's so sexy perhaps a bit heavy for daytime but still good. 

 Temperley Pre-Fall collection 2013, whilst skirts this shape don't tend to suit me I love finding the ones that do and teaming them with thick jumpers. This whole collection was really stunning and wearable- you just might need to add tights.

The Guardian
Getting excited for SPOTY which airs tonight, I'm hoping Jessica Ennis wins but would be happy with anyone. This year has been an excellent one for sport and I got so into the Olympics, like most people and attending the Paralympics is one of my highlights of the year.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas Gift Guide- Fun

I normally give out a few jokey/fun presents and they are fantastic for the person who has everything. I usually grab something along these lines for my brothers as we don't really do presents but something small and amusing is always welcome and I like gift giving. This is also my last gift guide so I thought it'd be perfect to end on a fun note, I often add little jokey presents as extras to people's main gifts.

Monopoly Notebook £6 Topshop, Musicial note pegs £4.99- Not On The High Street, Headphone holding robot £10- Urban Outfitters, Glow in the Dark Stars £5 Topshop, Paper Rose £9.50-Not On The High Street, Lightsaber Pencils £4.50-Topshop
Help someone keep their headphones organised with this robot who will hold them for you in your bag or pocket or remind someone of their childhood with these glow in the dark stars. Whilst a strange present this paper rose is the perfect gift for someone who has everything and loves to read or if you simply don't know what kind of book they like to read.

USB Hub £15 Urban Outfitters, Animation Wheel £11 Topshop, Cake Pop Maker £19.99 Lakeland, iPod Speaker Bot £20 Urban Outfitters.
 Cake Pops are the cake of the moment, so if you know someone who is into baking then this could be an ideal gift and you never know you might get something sweet out of it. The cute little speaker bot would also make iPod lovers smile and let them listen to the songs they love out loud.

Personalised Family Picture £22- Not On The High Street, XBOX live membership £29.99 for 1 year, Playstation Plus Membership £39.99 for 1 year- both from Game, Fisheye Camera £35 - Urban Outfitters, Paul Smith Keyring £45-Asos, Map £25- Not On The High Street, Kindle Cover £28-Not On The High Street.
Personalised gifts are always welcome, either opt for this family portrait which you can adapt for who's in the family or these kindle covers which can be personalised with the owners name. Whilst £45 might seem crazy for a keyring it's a sweet present for a fashion lover who is had to buy for or if you're buying for someone who loves photography and fancies something a bit exciting. 

So there we have it, the end of the gift guides I hope any of these have helped you finish or start your shopping this year. Are you done and dusted with your gift buying now or are you a rush about on Christmas Eve kinda person?

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas Gift Guide- Beauty

Beauty gifts are always popular, most department stores put together little packages of beauty items which go well together, so you don't even have to think about building the perfect gift set if you don't want to. 

Lipbalm set £5-Topshop, Ted Baker Nail Files £8-Asos, Lush gift set £7.95- Lush, Shower Gel and Spray Set £7-Topman

For under £10 you can still get some pretty gifts, any Lush fan would be happy with this little gift set and as the Christmas stuff is the best, in mine and many others opinion, what better time to introduce someone to the brand. These sweet little bird print nail files might seem expensive but they would liven up a handbag quite nicely.

Lush Snow Fairy Set £11.95-Lush, Nails Inc Minis £15- Asos, Paul and Joe Set £15- Asos, Nail Art Set £18- Topshop
Lush sets once again, this time in one of their most popular fragrances- Snow Fairy which is only around at Christmas and it's perfect for people who don't like 'Christmassy' scents which tend to form the basis of shower gels at this time of year. Nail lovers could be treated to this Nails Inc minis collection or even for the more adventurous this Nail Art set from Topshop could give them hours of fun and nails set for New Year.

Molten Brown Shower Gel £20-John Lewis, Molten Brown Scrub £26- John Lewis, Liz Earle Men's Set £27.50-QVC, Lush Set £31.95-Lush, Too Faced Shadow Set £33-Asos, Too Faced Make up Kit with brush and eye primer £42-Asos
On the higher end of the budget, once again a Lush set- this time in a cute little tin and full of Christmas and regular favourites. Treat a makeup lover to these sets from Too Faced, either just sticking to a collection of neutral eyeshadow or get the deluxe gift set with all the makeup you might need for Christmas Day. Liz Earle skincare for women is amazing so if you're buying for a male why not get them this Liz Earle men's starter kit from QVC, it'll give them a nice taste of the products.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Gift Guide- Books

I always get a book at Christmas, I love big fashion books but can't part with the big money they tend to cost so Christmas is the perfect time to stock up. It also gives you something to do when you can't move after all that food.

 Vogue Covers Postcard Book £9.59, The Accidental Vegetarian £5.89, Penguin Book Covers Postcard Book £9.59, Dancers Among Us £8.44, A Street Cat Named Bob £4, Clare Balding-My Animals and Other Family £9. All from Amazon.
 A book sure to be on many a Christmas list this year is 'A Street Cat Named Bob', it's a book that is sure to warm hearts. Clare Balding also shone at the Olympics so her book will be sure to sell well this Christmas, know anyone who developed a new love for the lady? Then this book is perfect. 
If the person you're gift buying for is more of an e-reader sort of person then maybe opt for these postcard books which are beautiful but aren't really something you'd buy yourself, or you could go for the Dancers Among Us book which shows you images of people creating the most elegant poses in everyday life. 

The Art of Assassin's Creed £14, Grace Coddington Memoir £17, The Sartorialist Closer £14, Iris Apfel Style Book £19.60, Art of Halo 4 £15, Wildlife Photographer of the Year £16 all from Amazon, Style Feed- Best Fashion Blogs £16.99, Street Food £14.90 both Urban Outfitters.
Grace Coddington Memoir is one the most talked about fashion books this year so why not make a fashion lovers Christmas and get them this much anticipated book. If you're buying for a games lover, the two art books (Art of Assassin's Creed & Halo 4) could give them an alternative look at the games. Great photography comes in the form of Wildlife photographer of the year, these stunning shots would be loved by photographers and animal lovers alike.

All About Bond £22- Waterstones, Little Black Jacket Book £45-Amazon, Tim Flach More Than Human £32- Amazon, DC Comics Encyclopedia £21.10- Waterstones, London Hidden Interiors £32- Amazon.
These coffee table style books are perfect for any lover of reading or anyone who loves just spending time looking through at stunning images. Whether you know someone who has loved Bond since they can remember or has simply fallen for it's charm with Daniel Craig this Bond book should help them feed the addiction. Fashion lovers will love this Chanel Little Black Jacket book whether or not they managed to catch the exhibition or you could give someone a glimpse into the high life with London's Hidden Interiors.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday Seven

 Things I've been loving this week...
 Steam Cream, only starting using this but I'm in love. It's made my skin so soft and has helped my super dry, cracked lips come back to something more human. It's also a great base for lipstick.

 My Elle subscription, I caved in and set up my first magazine subscription since I was about 7 and whilst no magazine will hold a candle to The Animals of Farthing Wood magazine, I do love the ease of getting Elle to my door. A different cover also makes me feel a bit special.

Last FM
 Ray LaMontagne, I've his album since Trouble was released and whilst I loved it then, it just didn't stay in my regular played albums However I've been listening to him again recently and once again I'm loving his voice.

John Lewis
Ojon Dry Recovery Moisture Mist, my hair is in need of a cut so the ends have gone crazy dry. #I'm using the Ojon treatment- which I wrote about here on a weekly basis and this pretty much everyday. When I wash my hair I spray a load of it mid lengths to tips then on dry hair I spray a bit on my hands then run it through the ends. 

Mince Pie Club
 Christmas food, this weekend I had my first mince pie of the year. I'm now all Christmassy and looking forward to eating my weight in chocolate, crisps, cheese and crackers. I'm off out on Christmas Day so will have a mega meal- I'm vegetarian so usual Christmas dinner whilst lovely isn't that much different to my mum's regular epic roasts. 

A Daisy Chain Dream blog, Laura is a lovely girl with a lovely blog, I love her relaxed style and of course her cat.

 Slippers, I really feel the cold so always have a couple of pairs of slippers hanging around in the colder months. I'm currently in my reindeer ones from Primark and hoping to receive these kitten ones for Christmas.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Out with the old at H&M

From February you can get more for your old clothes, if you pop into selected H&M stores and donate a bag of items you no longer want. For each bag of clothes, whatever the brand, you will receive a £5 off voucher redeemable when you spend over £30 in store. 

Once at the store the bags will be collected by H&M's eco-partner iCollect, who will then sort the clothes in order to turn them into new fibres in order to make new clothes. 

H&M is well known for their eco-projects having already produced a number of collections made with ethically sourced cotton and other recycled materials, they also stock a range of basic items made from Fair Trade cotton. 
Last year they became the world's largest user of organic cotton.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Christmas Gift Guide- For the Home

This gift guide is to help you find the perfect gifts for home lovers or perhaps those who have just moved into a new home, Christmas is the perfect time to spruce up the home so treat someone to a special gift that could complete their home.

Bunny Soap on a rope £8- Topshop, Glass Jars £14/£24- Anthropologie, Tube Map shower curtain £35- Urban Outfitters.
Spice up soap on a rope with this bunny version by Emma Cook at Topshop or keep them organised in the bathroom with these glass jars perfect for storing cotton wool pads or cotton buds. This shower curtain is perfect for someone who has just moved to the big smoke, brighten up their bathroom and teach them their way around London whilst you're at it.

Pacman Mug £6- Topshop, T-Rex Mug £7- Topman, Cup and Saucer £16, Bowl Set £16, Monogrammed Mugs £6 each- all from Anthropologie, Recipe Journal £16.50- John Lewis, King Kong Whisk £18- Urban Outfitters.
 Must haves in a house are mugs and a lot of them- give someone a mug with some character so their morning coffee is more fun. This heat changing Pacman mug should brighten any coffee break or you could keep classic with the monogrammed mug.

Single Jar Candle £9- Topshop, Red Panda Cushion £40- Urban Outfitters, Light Bulb Vase £19.75- Not on the High Street, Bed Spread £35- Urban Outfitters, Bird Candle £6- Urban Outfitters, Diptyque Candle Set £60- John Lewis.
These items could either go in a living room or a bedroom, depending on what their living situation allows. Scented candles can make any space feel like home, they are perfect for those living away from home for the first time. You could also help conversations start with this light bulb vase or keep things comfy with this red panda cushion or peacock bed spread. 

Whatever you get them help make their Christmas and their home

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sunday Seven

This week I've been loving..

.Bringing out my hipster side this week which an extreme loving of beanies, I've bought 3 this week- thanks Primark to add to my ever growing collection and as the weather gets colder by the day a good beanie is needed. 

Strand Hotel
 Doing my Christmas shopping, I'm never organised I tend to get all my shopping done in one day roughly two days before Christmas- yes I'm one of those people. However this year it's only the beginning of December and I'm basically done, so this is why people start shopping so early. 

 Mass eating Bourbons, I have the biggest sweet tooth- it's my downfall health wise but Bourbons are just too good to say no.

TV Fanatic
 As the final season of Gossip Girl comes to end I'm getting hooked on how it'll end, it may not be anywhere near as strong as the earlier seasons but I can't stop watching. It's also been officially announced they will reveal the real Gossip Girl who could it be?

 Sailor Jennie Blogspot, probably one the first blogs I found so I've been a reader a long time and never felt her blog has slacked, sure Jennie has taken time away but all her posts are strong and her little bunny Ralphie is the cutest rabbit ever. I also love how she mentions smaller bloggers and gets them involved with the community.

Getting excited for Girls Season Two, which starts in January, I loved the first season and I can't wait to see what the second one has in store for us. 

Big Designer news, so JW Anderson will be the first designer to work with Versus under their new project and Alexander Wang will go to Balenciaga- I really hoped for Christopher Kane to go to Balenciaga but I'm sure something more exciting is happening with him. I love Alexander Wang as a designer, even though he may not seem like perfect for Balenciaga I'm sure he has more to offer than luxe sportswear so it'll work out.


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