Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas Gift Guide- Fun

I normally give out a few jokey/fun presents and they are fantastic for the person who has everything. I usually grab something along these lines for my brothers as we don't really do presents but something small and amusing is always welcome and I like gift giving. This is also my last gift guide so I thought it'd be perfect to end on a fun note, I often add little jokey presents as extras to people's main gifts.

Monopoly Notebook £6 Topshop, Musicial note pegs £4.99- Not On The High Street, Headphone holding robot £10- Urban Outfitters, Glow in the Dark Stars £5 Topshop, Paper Rose £9.50-Not On The High Street, Lightsaber Pencils £4.50-Topshop
Help someone keep their headphones organised with this robot who will hold them for you in your bag or pocket or remind someone of their childhood with these glow in the dark stars. Whilst a strange present this paper rose is the perfect gift for someone who has everything and loves to read or if you simply don't know what kind of book they like to read.

USB Hub £15 Urban Outfitters, Animation Wheel £11 Topshop, Cake Pop Maker £19.99 Lakeland, iPod Speaker Bot £20 Urban Outfitters.
 Cake Pops are the cake of the moment, so if you know someone who is into baking then this could be an ideal gift and you never know you might get something sweet out of it. The cute little speaker bot would also make iPod lovers smile and let them listen to the songs they love out loud.

Personalised Family Picture £22- Not On The High Street, XBOX live membership £29.99 for 1 year, Playstation Plus Membership £39.99 for 1 year- both from Game, Fisheye Camera £35 - Urban Outfitters, Paul Smith Keyring £45-Asos, Map £25- Not On The High Street, Kindle Cover £28-Not On The High Street.
Personalised gifts are always welcome, either opt for this family portrait which you can adapt for who's in the family or these kindle covers which can be personalised with the owners name. Whilst £45 might seem crazy for a keyring it's a sweet present for a fashion lover who is had to buy for or if you're buying for someone who loves photography and fancies something a bit exciting. 

So there we have it, the end of the gift guides I hope any of these have helped you finish or start your shopping this year. Are you done and dusted with your gift buying now or are you a rush about on Christmas Eve kinda person?

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