Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sunday Seven

 Things I'm loving this week...
 Almost finishing my Christmas shopping and wrapping, this would be finished except I bought my Secret Santa but failed to bring it home from the shop- change of plan there then.

 Watched my first Christmas movie this weekend in the form of Love Actually, it's a favourite of mine and perfectly gets me in the Christmas mood.

 The blog I've been loving this month is Look What I Got and is run by the lovely Jess who also plays a huge part in running FBL Bloggers on Facebook. Her blog is largely fashion and focuses a lot on her personal style. 

 My boyfriend and I went to see The Hobbit on Thursday and we both loved it, I'm a huge LOTR fan so was very excited for this film and it didn't disappoint- having to wear 3-D glasses over my own did but otherwise every second was brilliant.
John Lewis
Stella by Stella McCartney, I used to wear this all the time a few years ago then I got into a few others and the bottles I owned got forgotten but I found  a new one the other day and gave it a try once more. I'm addicted again, it's so sexy perhaps a bit heavy for daytime but still good. 

 Temperley Pre-Fall collection 2013, whilst skirts this shape don't tend to suit me I love finding the ones that do and teaming them with thick jumpers. This whole collection was really stunning and wearable- you just might need to add tights.

The Guardian
Getting excited for SPOTY which airs tonight, I'm hoping Jessica Ennis wins but would be happy with anyone. This year has been an excellent one for sport and I got so into the Olympics, like most people and attending the Paralympics is one of my highlights of the year.

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