Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sunday Seven

This week I've been loving..

.Bringing out my hipster side this week which an extreme loving of beanies, I've bought 3 this week- thanks Primark to add to my ever growing collection and as the weather gets colder by the day a good beanie is needed. 

Strand Hotel
 Doing my Christmas shopping, I'm never organised I tend to get all my shopping done in one day roughly two days before Christmas- yes I'm one of those people. However this year it's only the beginning of December and I'm basically done, so this is why people start shopping so early. 

 Mass eating Bourbons, I have the biggest sweet tooth- it's my downfall health wise but Bourbons are just too good to say no.

TV Fanatic
 As the final season of Gossip Girl comes to end I'm getting hooked on how it'll end, it may not be anywhere near as strong as the earlier seasons but I can't stop watching. It's also been officially announced they will reveal the real Gossip Girl who could it be?

 Sailor Jennie Blogspot, probably one the first blogs I found so I've been a reader a long time and never felt her blog has slacked, sure Jennie has taken time away but all her posts are strong and her little bunny Ralphie is the cutest rabbit ever. I also love how she mentions smaller bloggers and gets them involved with the community.

Getting excited for Girls Season Two, which starts in January, I loved the first season and I can't wait to see what the second one has in store for us. 

Big Designer news, so JW Anderson will be the first designer to work with Versus under their new project and Alexander Wang will go to Balenciaga- I really hoped for Christopher Kane to go to Balenciaga but I'm sure something more exciting is happening with him. I love Alexander Wang as a designer, even though he may not seem like perfect for Balenciaga I'm sure he has more to offer than luxe sportswear so it'll work out.

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  1. I'm also watching Gossip Girl which so far has been a little bit disappointing on story lines and back stabbery but the fashion has been fantastic.

    Loving Girls, just watched last night's episode and laughed like a drain.

    Great blog!



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