Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Anna Dello Russo X H&M

I was pretty excited when H&M announced their collaboration with Anna Dello Russo but as images of the accessories that will be part of the collection have been released I've felt slightly disappointed. Anna is an extravagant person by nature but I find these pieces look a little on the cheap side and I'm going to imagine the price won't reflect that. 

Whilst most things are completely not to my taste, the orange and pearl necklace pictured above with a matching bracelet would be perfect teamed with something simple like a plain t-shirt and jeans. Other pieces would no doubt be fun to wear and style into your regular wardrobe but I'm not overly excited about any piece in particular so will save my pennies and queuing ability for the MMM X H&M collection due in November. I might pick up something from the collection if it ever drops into the sale.

What pieces, if any, are you excited to see in person?

Images: theynotlife

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Pleats Please

I love looking at ad campaigns, I don't even mind them filling up the pages of ELLE and Vogue every month I can then transfer the pages to my inspiration wall in my bedroom without ripping up any articles I wish to keep. 

This one is for the new fragrance by Issey Miyake, the advert is just beautiful, it looks lively and fresh which whilst I'm yet to smell the perfume that's what I hope the smell gives off this impression too. I'll certainly be ripping this out of a magazine when it crops up in one. The bottle is gorgeous too so would look lovely on a dresser.

 I've never really been one for Issey Miyake fragrance, I love the way they smell but lots of people at my high school wore the L'eau d'Issey so the smell reminds of high school so I tend to stay clear of that.So maybe this one will be a better option.

Image: TheFashionSpot

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Supermarket Sweep

Supermarkets have been producing clothes for a long time now, within recent years most have produced trend inspired lines and many celebrities putting their names to the various labels within the chains. Supermarkets are often praised for their quality designs with low prices and their availability to everyone.  

Here are my personal favourites from the A/W collections from Tesco and ASDA.

 I often find shopping for clothes whilst out food shopping isn't an enjoyable experience and in my local Tesco everything is a little all over the place but some of these pieces might be worth an extra trip. 

Have you seen anything from the big supermarkets you can't wait to get your hands on?

Pictures: Look Magazine

Friday, 24 August 2012

Alexa Chung to launch a fashion line

Alexa Chung has announced she will be launching her own fashion line, whilst she is only in the planning stages of her own line I expect it won't let down. 

The model turned presenter has been recognised for her strong sense of style for many years- I have a bit of a Chung haircut atm and often look towards her for inspiration. Just this year Alexa was announced as BFC Young Style Ambassador by the British Fashion Council due to her being seen as a fashion icon around the world. 

As the line is only in the planning stages, we might have to wait a bit to see what it has to offer but I imagine it'll be a huge success whatever direction she takes the designs.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Today I wish..

I was visiting museums and exhibtions:

I haven't been to the V&A for a long time or any other museums for that matter, so today I wish I was traveling around London seeing what they have to offer atm. Sadly as I'm no longer a student, regular visits to museums have become a thing of the past but I will squeeze in some exhibitions soon. 
I'm off out for dinner at Cosmo this evening as one has just opened up in my boyfriends town- hope it's worth the visit.

Friday, 17 August 2012

A/W musthaves

Okay so it's still August and still summer in England, but with the arrival of the September issues I'm excited to plan my new season wardrobe, not only does it bring exciting designer collaborations MMM for H&M anyone? It also means layers, new clothes and a slightly less varied weather pattern to work with so outfit planning is easier- in theory anyway.

I decided to select my must haves/key looks for the upcoming season even if it is lovely and hot outside today.

 I have a slight addiction to printed trousers, okay so I only own two pairs but several other pairs have come into my house only to be returned for not being perfect. I love them with nude flats and loose plain t-shirts in the summer and I plan to pair them with chunky jumpers and boots come colder months. 

A good (faux) leather jacket, I have a cropped leather jacket which works well in spring and early autumn but I'm after a thicker more winter appropriate one and as a vegetarian I want a faux leather one but a non plastic looking, non studded, black one appears to be pretty hard to track down. 

Baroque prints, I hated this trend at first and I admit I still can't see the prints on dresses in bright colours working but softer prints on t-shirts will slot right in with my wardrobe- this one from ASOS is on its way to me as I type. H&M trend also has a great version in velvet if you feel a little bit more extravagant. 

Not so much an item but a look- I love layering in the winter, not only does it keep you warmer but you can also whip off a layer if it gets too hot. Blogger Man Repeller sure knows how to layer with style, so look to her if you want tips on layering without being too bulky.

What are your must-haves for the A/W season? Or can you just not let go of summer yet?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Hedi Slimane responds to YSL name change

When Hedi Slimane announced he would be changing Yves Saint Laurent to Saint Laurent Paris, the fashion world became a bit puzzled to why a change was need, many voiced their opinion on the change but until now Slimane himself kept quiet. 

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair Slimane explained his decision, he spoke of surprise to the huge reaction the change caused, explaining he wanted to go back to the roots of the brand and like much like Yves achieved in 1966 inspire a new generation in fashion. Slimane stated:

 "Clearly, this period of the history of the house was not well-known ... I went back to 1966 — just before the events of 1968 [when 11 million workers revolted against the conservative politics of then-President Charles de Gaulle — the biggest general strike in history], but the awakening of youth was in the air, and Yves Saint Laurent wanted to dissociate himself from the clientele of haute couture and embrace this new generation."

Slimane announced this name change back in June and whilst support hasn't been strong, the likes of Karl Lagerfeld  and model Arizona Muse both voiced their support for the change. 

How do you feel about the name change? I can't see it working as well if shortened, as SPL sounds like an insurance company not a high fashion label but as Saint Laurent Paris I feel it could work-although it may get thought of as more of a diffusion line for the first couple of seasons. 

Image: Fashionologie.


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