Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sale Bits

Sales are my weakness, all the things I've loved over the past season suddenly seem so much more appealing with a discount. 

So far this year I've largely stuck to things I have wanted over the past couple of months, the scarf and earrings were impulse buys but the rest have been on my list a little while so that's totally okay right?

My first stop for sale shopping this season was Whistles, where I picked up a much lusted after leather makeup bag, mine is black on the front and a gorgeous lilac on the back. I also picked up this twisted leather cuff and a basic lilac t-shirt. I spent way too much but hopefully these things will be on rotate for quite a while. 

I then dragged my boyfriend into Zara where I finally got my hands on this printed bodycon skirt, I've been after it for a while and when I finally tracked in down in was the sale-perfect. I also grabbed this strange but cute t-shirt with a bat printed on it and the word 'meow', who knows why but I think it's cute and sure to get people talking about your outfit. These nude and bright blue ballet flats also grabbed my eye, not a huge discount but I've seen these styles in many shops for much more so as it was the last pair in my size they came home with me. 

A quick nip into Topshop and I ended up walking out with the green scarf which is really lightweight but still a fighter against the harsh breeze, I imagine I'll be able to work it into my wardrobe during the winter months too. I also picked up this blush stick which is a pretty similar colour to my long lost (but now found in my boyfriend's room) cream blush in Neon Rose so it's gone into the back of my makeup stash to hold out for a little while. These muted neon earrings also grabbed my attention, I like to stock up on Topshop jewellery in the sale as sometimes I feel it's a tad overpriced but still so on trend, these are huge on my little ears but I'll make it work.

Has anyone else picked up any great bargains in the sales this season? 


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