Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Hedi Slimane responds to YSL name change

When Hedi Slimane announced he would be changing Yves Saint Laurent to Saint Laurent Paris, the fashion world became a bit puzzled to why a change was need, many voiced their opinion on the change but until now Slimane himself kept quiet. 

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair Slimane explained his decision, he spoke of surprise to the huge reaction the change caused, explaining he wanted to go back to the roots of the brand and like much like Yves achieved in 1966 inspire a new generation in fashion. Slimane stated:

 "Clearly, this period of the history of the house was not well-known ... I went back to 1966 — just before the events of 1968 [when 11 million workers revolted against the conservative politics of then-President Charles de Gaulle — the biggest general strike in history], but the awakening of youth was in the air, and Yves Saint Laurent wanted to dissociate himself from the clientele of haute couture and embrace this new generation."

Slimane announced this name change back in June and whilst support hasn't been strong, the likes of Karl Lagerfeld  and model Arizona Muse both voiced their support for the change. 

How do you feel about the name change? I can't see it working as well if shortened, as SPL sounds like an insurance company not a high fashion label but as Saint Laurent Paris I feel it could work-although it may get thought of as more of a diffusion line for the first couple of seasons. 

Image: Fashionologie.

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