Saturday, 7 July 2012

What's hot for 2012: Swimwear for men

Women have never been short of options when at the beach, men however have had very basic options usually in unflattering cuts or styles. In recent years however, fashion's attitude towards men's swimwear have changed, it has become both stylish and practical with many new prints and lengths being on offer.

The cut this season is shorter than the previously popular board short look, the short style you’re looking for will hit mid-thigh and be more fitting than past styles, this insures maximum wear as once you’ve dried off the same shorts can be worn wherever you go whilst on holiday so you won’t have to pack as much. 

If you want to look good both at the beach and the bar, team plain white t-shirts with your shorts and a pair of loafers then you’re good to go. If you’re lucky enough to be going away somewhere really hot this summer you won’t need to pack much more and even if you have to stay home this summer these shorts can be worn down at your local pool or to any festivals you’ll be attending. The new short length is about making it work for you and within your wardrobe.  

If you’re going away on holiday this year, it’s certain you want to look your best- whether it’s a clubbing holiday with your friends, a family break or a romantic getaway and with the right pair of swim shorts this’ll be a piece of cake. 

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