Tuesday, 19 June 2012

LCM roundup

This year marked the first stand alone Mens fashion week in London and the talent shone at every show. Londoners sure showed the fashion world how it's done and gave a fantastic kick start to the Mens Spring/Summer '13 collections.
Here's a little roundup of my favourite collections shown:

Topman Design

I found the Topman Design collection very hit and miss, these shots of course are the hits but the cropped American jersey inspired tops? Far too whimsical for my tastes. These looks are just enough colour and print to keep style running through it, whilst I expect to see the typical Topman consumer in these garments mixing them with plainer or more tailored pieces will turn them into something truly special. 

 Pringle of Scotland

A step away from the traditional argyle used by Pringle in modern preppy prints, above the knee shorts were teamed with jackets-perfect for the average London summer.The classic print can be seen on the socks of several of the models.

 Margaret Howell

Relaxed tailoring and clean lines make this collection very wearable, its accessible to both those who are huge fashion experts and those who just like to have a play. The colours of the collection stand out from the crowd because they work so well together- neutrals and little flashes of muted brights. 

 J.W. Anderson

Man of the moment J.W. Anderson produced a beautiful collection, whilst not hugely wearable the work that went into the designs was phenomenal. Strong shapes and cuts were mixed with silky luxury patterns and bold prints, J.W. Anderson keeps on giving to the fashion world and I hope he has no plans to stop anytime soon. 

 Jonathan Saunders

There is a strong use of bold colours and jazzy prints in this collection, it's presentation format makes it stand out from other designers who stuck to traditional catwalks to display their looks.
Saunders uses traditional shapes and garments with vivid prints and colours to give a modern London feel to his collection.

E. Tautz

Probably my favourite collection shown, the slick modern tailoring and pops of colour give the collection life without stripping it of masculinity. I can see the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch wearing these looks but that might just be the styling, the gentle use of colour makes the collection very wearable.


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