Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday Seven

 Things I've been loving this week...
 Steam Cream, only starting using this but I'm in love. It's made my skin so soft and has helped my super dry, cracked lips come back to something more human. It's also a great base for lipstick.

 My Elle subscription, I caved in and set up my first magazine subscription since I was about 7 and whilst no magazine will hold a candle to The Animals of Farthing Wood magazine, I do love the ease of getting Elle to my door. A different cover also makes me feel a bit special.

Last FM
 Ray LaMontagne, I've his album since Trouble was released and whilst I loved it then, it just didn't stay in my regular played albums However I've been listening to him again recently and once again I'm loving his voice.

John Lewis
Ojon Dry Recovery Moisture Mist, my hair is in need of a cut so the ends have gone crazy dry. #I'm using the Ojon treatment- which I wrote about here on a weekly basis and this pretty much everyday. When I wash my hair I spray a load of it mid lengths to tips then on dry hair I spray a bit on my hands then run it through the ends. 

Mince Pie Club
 Christmas food, this weekend I had my first mince pie of the year. I'm now all Christmassy and looking forward to eating my weight in chocolate, crisps, cheese and crackers. I'm off out on Christmas Day so will have a mega meal- I'm vegetarian so usual Christmas dinner whilst lovely isn't that much different to my mum's regular epic roasts. 

A Daisy Chain Dream blog, Laura is a lovely girl with a lovely blog, I love her relaxed style and of course her cat.

 Slippers, I really feel the cold so always have a couple of pairs of slippers hanging around in the colder months. I'm currently in my reindeer ones from Primark and hoping to receive these kitten ones for Christmas.

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