Monday, 26 November 2012

Christmas Gift Guide-Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a popular choice for present buying in large groups, often arranged within work groups or students, it means everyone gets a gift without you having to spend a small fortune-easy right? Well not if you end up with someone you don't know very well and a joke present could leave them thinking you're pretty rude- lets face it by the end of Christmas everyone knows who had who.

I usually take part in at least one Secret Santa a year and tend to struggle with finding the perfect gift, so whether you end up with someone you know inside out or someone you've only just become friends with, this gift guide should help you find the gift you need to keep everyone happy.

Penguin Cloth wrap £2.50-Lush, Bird Hand Warmer £5-Topshop, London Mirror £4- Cath Kidston, Pacman Post its £3 and Tetris Magnets £5 both Topshop, Sweets-River Island, Mr Grey £3- River Island, Brush Set £5- Elf.
  When you're stuck with getting a secret santa gift under a fiver, it's pretty hard to get something that doesn't end up in the bin within 5 minutes. Make the dreams of a 50 shades lover with their very own Mr Grey or get a retro games fan these Pacman post-it notes or the Tetris Fridge Magnets.

Star Salt & Pepper Shakers £10-Urban Outfitters, Lady GaGa paper doll £7.50 Selfridges, Ryan Gosling Colouring book £7.50- Selfridges, Table Football £7- Urban Outfitters, Money Bank £9-Topshop.
 Under £10 is much easier and the secret santa bracket I'm used to, of course you've got to keep Secret Santa fun and get someone a slightly silly gift- I have a feeling this Ryan Gosling colouring book will be making the Secret Santa rounds this year. These magic wand salt & pepper shakers would be sure to put a smile of anyone's face this Christmas.

Rob Ryan book £14.99-Topshop, I-phone Case £14-Topman, Vice Calender £10.99-Topman, Plectrum Maker £15-Urban Outfitters, Nail Varnish Set £14-Topshop, Lip Palette £12- Soap & Glory, Pacman Cookie Cutters £12- Urban Outfitters
Under £15 makes things a little easier, of course you can get a bundle of items of the £5 and £10 range you can get someone a present which they should keep till at least the next Secret Santa. Get someone the Pacman cookie cutters and you might even end up with an extra treat for yourself.

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