Thursday, 22 November 2012

Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Treatment Review

 I’ve been using this on and off for about 5 years now, when I first used it, it was an indulgent treat on my uncoloured, largely heat free hair, it was nice but my hair didn’t really need it so I could never justify the price, then whilst at university my hair took a battering from dye, bleach, and heat. 

I tried many a treatment on my hair and lots of homemade remedies but nothing really make a mark till I came home and my mum suggested I tried the Ojon treatment once more, this time overnight and wonders were had. Of course my hair wasn’t perfect but there was a huge difference in just one use, the straw feeling lifted from my hair and it no longer looked damaged. 

 The texture of the treatment is rather strange; it’s not an appealing product to put on your hair due to both the texture and the smell. It's a natural, earthy very slightly nutty scent and is very strong from the moment you open the pot till you wash the treatment out. 

The scent is the only thing I’d change about this, Ojon now offer a lighter scent version, which I’ve not used yet but will be purchasing once my current pot runs out in the hope it makes the overnight treatment more pleasant

Close up of the product

First you need to scoop up about a teaspoon sized blob- less if you have shorter hair then you warm the paste up in your hands to create a rich oil then apply it onto dry unwashed hair largely focusing on the damaged hair, then wash out. Leave the treatment for at least 15 minutes, I try to leave it on overnight as not only does it have the time to properly nourish your hair but it also means you haven’t got to sit around waiting to have a shower. 

I now use this around twice a month as an overnight treatment, sometimes using it three times if I’ve been particularly harsh on my hair.There is still some damage to my hair (I did bleach it from dark red to blonde, so all my fault) but you can only feel the damage when my hair needs washing and it only becomes visible when my hair needs a cut.

Ojon Damage Reverse Treatment costs around £30 (£32.50 on

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  1. This sounds fantastic, I will have to try it. My hair is constantly trashed from all the bleach, dye and the fact that I don't go to get my hair cut often enough.

    The Girl Who Looks Like a Cake



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