Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday Seven

Seven things I'm loving this Sunday and throughout this week

 MMM x H&M narrow shoulder jacket

Got this jacket at the pre-launch event on Weds, so not too much queuing for me and whilst I never noticed it in the ad campaign, I just had to have it once I tried it on. The fit is something special, I also got the pink candy clutch and the oversized watch frame bracelet but I'm gonna return it as it's just not for me. 

 Fig Candles
I love the smell of fig and I'm having a candle moment, whilst this candle smells gorgeous I'd recommend getting the jar version as this tin just tunnels and a lot of candle gets wasted. 

 Elemis Milk Bath
I don't have baths a lot anymore and whilst I love lush bath bombs, I'm not a huge visitor of Lush and *gasp* I loathe the smell. This, whilst expensive, is my ultimate bathtime treat it makes my skin super soft and relaxes me wonderfully. 

Always fond of this blog but this week especially as I think Sandra has been wearing her MMM X H&M pieces particularly well. She has great style and mixes high street and high end together perfectly.

 Origins GinZing Eye Cream 

A beauty blogger favourite here- which tbh is why I tried it but I still love it and will probably repurchase once my other eye creams are finished. This one is nice and cooling and lifts the darkness under my eyes just enough to not need to cake them in concealer- I just use a touch of Bobbi Brown Corrector and my regular foundation and I'm good to go.

The Walking Dead Comics 
I've just really got into the comics of this, after falling back in love with the TV Show of the same name. The comics are a lot faster paced-maybe I should have read them all back when season two of TWD was slower than the walking dead.

 Once upon a Time
Completely gripped on this show atm, I may love it more due to constant Lost references and many appearances from Lost actors but the plot is engaging too.

Images: Elemis milk bath, GinZing and Candle from, top picture- TFS, twd comic from collider.

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