Monday, 7 January 2013

2013 Style Resolutions

A new year is as good a time as any to change the way you shop or the way you style yourself, I'm happy with my personal style so there's no big overhaul planned just a few simple changes to the way I shop and work with the clothes I do own.

1. Shop Within My Own Wardrobe
The fact my wardrobe is overflowing probably tells me I own too much stuff but like most, I probably only wear about half of it. As you will see later on one of my resolutions is to spend less so shopping within my own stuff is probably the easiest way to do that. My plan to make this happen is to regularly reorganise my wardrobe, rotate garments around so that I style new things together and in turn help me create a new wardrobe without spending a penny.

2. No Reckless Spending
Last year I spent a lot of money on clothes, I just bought 95% of things I liked and whilst a lot of it I will wear again this year I also need to start saving money. A result of this is probably why my wardrobe is overflowing and how I forget exactly what I own, my rule this year for shopping is going to be if I want something, it has to work with 50% of my current wardrobe.

3. Stop Shopping in Cheap Places for Stuff That Only Gets Worn Once
I like Primark as much as the next person but as it's so cheap I think 'Oh it doesn't matter that I'll wear it once' well eventually that builds up to big money. In the past few years I've gone off most of Primark's clothing, as I think the quality has gone down but the prices have risen, still a huge fan of pyjamas, tights and accessories. My plan this year is to buy fewer but more expensive items, so they continue to be part of my wardrobe for years to come-style over fashion.

4. Invest in Good Shoes
I literally own no shoes I can wear with trousers in the winter and most of shoes are the £4 ones from primark which last well in the summer but as soon as they get wet their life is as good as over. I find boots and many shoes on the high street are too chunky for my liking, as a five foot person with size six feet it's hard to not look a bit clown like with most shoes. This year I plan to invest in some ankle boots which can handle the rain and a pair of shoes which can be worn with most of my wardrobe.

5. Get Rid of Anything That Makes Me Unhappy.
Probably the most important resolution here, I sometimes take about an hour to get dressed because I don't like the way something makes me feel.I know my body shape and I know what suits me, so anything which doesn't fit the category needs to go, no matter how much I love it on the hanger.


  1. I really want to invest in good shoes too, I'm so sick of primark shoes. I'm really struggling to find a ballet pump that doesn't fall apart though.

  2. These are such good resolutions! I'm going to try stick by these ones to! :D I agree with the primark thing! I bought three pairs of the same shoes in primark cause they broke but I said "Oh its only €3! thats fine!" That needs to stop!
    Sofia x

  3. I love this post, I have some similar solutions!

    following you ^_^<3

  4. some great resolutions! I might add some of them to my list as well lol. xx

    The Provocative Couture



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