Friday, 22 March 2013

Beauty Audit

This blog post is inspired by an article I saw in InStyle way back in January, where the staff spoke about the products they'd used that morning with a little bit of info on their routine, so here is my beauty audit. 

To start my daily routine I also used an Origins foaming cleanser but it finished so I binned it in slightly unblogger like behaviour, then an Origins eyecream and day cream.

I went for simple makeup as I'm not up to much today, just lightly covered skin with dewy blush and highlight, a slight smokey eye created with a Rimmel Taupe pencil then heavily curled lashes with tons of mascara followed by a lipstain with a bit of gloss.
I'm fairly low maintenance when it comes to my hair, I love curling it or making it perfectly straight but as my hair can't hold a curl and frizzes at the first sign of moisture most days I tend to just mess it up a bit with texture spray and a detangler of some kind to soften the ends and add a bit of shine- this morning it was Ojon moisture mist. I just got my hair cut the other day so my hair is easier to work with now all my damaged hair has gone- it's strange working with roughly 3 inches less hair than I'm used to.

In total I used 15 products (14 pictured), that's a hell of a lot more than I expected as today I probably used half what I normally would in my makeup routine- eek maybe we've found where my spending ban should lie.


  1. how do you find the origins? love topshop skin glow such a good mac strobecream dupe!

    B xxx

    1. The eye cream is amazing, coming to the end of it now though. The Perfect World day cream is good but I think it might make my skin oily if it ever gets hot/sunny, if I apply to much now my skins gets a bit greasy but it does have SPF 25.



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