Monday, 6 May 2013

B.Pure Micellar Water Review

I've not used Bioderma or any other cleansing waters but when this one popped up in Superdrug I had to have it. B. Pure is quite a new addition to Superdrug and as it is their own brand it's cruelty free, they have a lot of products on offer including a makeup range- I picked up a blush from there today.

First timed I used this I wasn't sure, it kinda stung my eyes and I wasn't sure if it was doing more than a cleansing wipe but I wanted to give it a proper go and not give up after one use. It didn't irritate my skin at all or leave me with any dry patches which tends to be a huge problem with non-wash off cleansers so I stuck with it.

After a week I realised it was taking off all my makeup- just not as well as my Emma Hardie balm does or as relaxing for that matter but it was getting my foundation off better and I don't wake up with panda eyes.

This is good for late night cleanses and only takes about 30 seconds more than a trusty cleansing wipe, so when I'm just too tired or don't feel great I love using this. Obviously I can't compare this to Bioderma but it appears to do the same job but I've heard people say a little goes a long way, this product however I need to use a lot of this to fully get my face clean.

However the reason I love this product is because  my skin doesn't love being cleansed with the same cleanser day and night, this is quick and means I can get straight on with applying my makeup so no getting up early just to wash my face. I probably would purchase this product again as it's only £4.99 and cleanses better than a wipe but maybe I'll give Bioderma a go now it's becoming easier to pick up in the UK.

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