Saturday, 25 May 2013

Benefit The Bronze of Champions

I picked this up the other week from Feel Unique, I really love Benefit box sets but they usually come with a foundation or concealer in a shade far too dark for my skintone so I've had to miss out. This set however comes with everything you need for that perfect bronze glow and no medium shade foundation. 

I largely went for this because I was going to buy Hoola bronzer, but didn't want to go for the full size straight off, and I also wanted to give the other products a go, I'm already a big fan of They're Real so I thought I'd treat myself (I later treated myself to a Givenchy Lipstick but the less said about that the better). I've also realised I'm a far bigger Benefit fan than I thought I was.

Now onto the kit itself, yes it looks beautiful l but does that make it worth the money?

Hoola is a perfect bronzer for my pale skin, I'm sure it can be built up if necessary but I only need a light dusting to add warmth to my face. I've also used it to contour lightly, I've not used the brush provided but I've found out with Benefit boxes they aren't great unless in an emergency.

Watts Up highlighter doesn't really suit my skin tone as it's more gold toned- maybe when I have a tan it'll work a lot better but for now I need to blend it loads, which to be fair is very easy and the glow stays on for the whole day.

The creaseless cream eyeshadow and the powder shadow (Bikini-tini and Thanks a Latte) are really nice worn together for a neutral look. In the summer months with a neutral lip I'd add a bright eyeliner with this. Thanks a Latte is a lovely bronzey brown, it kinda feels like it belongs in a Naked Palette so I'd probably mix a couple of the shadows from there with this for a more defined eye.

The surprise love from this kit is the Hoola lipgloss, I'm not a gloss person, at all- my hair gets on my lips, then gloss gets all over my face, and my lips look a bit plastic- okay I largely hate lipgloss but this is a bit different isn't sticky and adds just a touch of shine. The lack of stickiness means the wear time is short so you'd have to top up a lot but you don't need to apply much.

The kit also comes with a Tips and Tricks booklet and a huge mirror, although I probably wouldn't travel with this kit, the large mirror would come in handy. The Tip and Tricks booklet is full of really good basic tips, which would be perfect for beginners.

Overall the kit is really lovely, I'm not sure the amount of product you get is worth the price but I'll fully decide that when i see how long the Hoola lasts. I do love this kit and as I'm not usually a bronzer person this is perfect for me as everything I need is in one package but I'd say if you already have a stash of bronzers this probably won't change your life.

It'd make a fantastic gift for someone though, even if like me that person is yourself.

The Bronze of Champions is available now and costs £26.50

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