Thursday, 30 May 2013

Favourite Lip Products

MAC Quite the Thing, I'm not even sure what drew me to this shade. I was in MAC after a new lipstick, something a bit bolder than my usual nude pink and one of the sales assistants suggested this, it's a purple toned fuchsia pink and was once completely out of my comfort zone. When I got it home I wondered if I'd make the wrong choice and was just swept away by the assistants charm. Now however it's probably the most worn shade in my collection and I don't regret picking it up for one second. 

Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose, I love both the formula and the shade. Whilst only a lip balm product, the colour stays on pretty well and of course nourishes the lips whilst doing so. It's easy to just stick on the lips to add a quick pick me up to your make-up, it's a lovely bold red shade which appears quite sheer on the lips so I imagine it'd be wearable for all skin tones. On me I love this with a simple winged liner and soft pink cheeks on a day to day basis, it's especially great as a simple work make-up look. 

Model's Prefer in Sheer Rose, this is an oldie but a firm favourite as you can probably tell from the packaging. As the name suggests it's a sheer rose pink and the best pink I've ever owned, sadly I think it's now discontinued but I'll save the search till this baby is finished. This lipstick also has a gorgeous soft gold shimmer to it, it's hardly noticeable when on the lips but just adds an extra shine to the finish of the lipstick. It's a shade which goes with any make-up look and can be worn for any occasion, which makes this a great go to lipstick. 

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