Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Shopping my Stash

Filling four Muji drawers to the brim was my first sign I needed to limit my spending, the second tip off was discovering I owned several back ups of the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and I'm not even that big a fan.

Whilst I was condensing my collection I found and rediscovered some amazing products I usually overlook. I decided to shop within my stash rather than John Lewis or Boots. 

First up is the Philosophy the Present, I much prefer Philosophy's old primer 'Supernatural' but they discontinued it. This one requires a two minute settling time but I find it needs closer to ten, so it's a no go on those rush mornings. When given the time this is an amazing product but I'm usually in a rush to get ready so it's not ideal.

Next is the bareMinerals blusher in pink petal, which I love I just sort of forgot about for the longest time. Now I've rediscovered it and can see it becoming my daily blusher once more. As the name suggests it's a real soft petal pink and is very build-able. Another bareMinerals product is great worn with this blush and that's their lipgloss in ambrosia which is a lovely soft pink and not too sticky or shiny which is perfect for me as I'm not really a gloss person.

I'm also giving Bourjois Healthy Mix another go, I liked it when I first picked this up but I just couldn't see the hype. I only fond the coverage okay and thought it wore off pretty quickly, this actually brings me to another product I've rediscovered the Elf Mineral Concealer which is great to set liquid or cream concealers. It also seems to stop the creasing under the eyes that the healthy mix creates.

Finally I'm currently using benefit's Total Moisture face cream  at night, it's too thick for me to use during the day. I'm not really sure of the skin benefits(ha) but it makes my skin nice and soft so it's good for now. I got this in a trial kit a while back and didn't really fall for the skincare range so never bothered with this until now, when I actually need a night cream. 


  1. I love the idea of shop my stash! Thrifty!

  2. I really need to sort out my makeup, my hoarding is becoming a problem!





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