Monday, 13 February 2012

Big Mystery Skincare

Remember when Pantene completely relaunched their haircare and sent out samples of it hidden in plain packaging asking for peoples opinions well someone is at it again this time with skincare.

I requested a sample over on their facebook page and waited for it to arrive. When I received it in the post I tried it out straight away so decided to do a mini review on it.

The smell of this product is lovely, it seems familar but I can't place it, so I'm not sure whether I've used this product before or it just smells like something I have.
The texture is really good too, I only used a tiny amount and it foamed up nicely. I'm not usually fond of foaming cleansers as I find they get in my hair so I only use them in the shower. Foaming cleansers also have a habit of making my skin really dry and red, I found this sample wasn't too harsh. I did however find a few dry patches on my nose.
I have quite sensitive skin so I was a little worried about getting irritated by the product, luckily I didn't and my skin was left feeling soft and clean with no tightness across the cheeks.

You can also use this cleanser as a mask if you simple use less water and leave it on for five minutes, I haven't tried this yet but still have plenty of the sample left to test it out.

Have anyone of you tried this yet? If you'd like to try a sample head over to the facebook page and pop in your details- I think Glamour also has a sample in this months issue aswell.

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