Friday, 10 February 2012

TSE Fall 2012

Brian Reyes has made an impressive start at TSE showing exactly how layering should be done- which with the current weather is perfect. The decision of what to wear during fashion week is already a tough one and to throw snow and bitter winds into the mix is just cruel, so look towards TSE and take note.

Chunky knits were layered over softer knits with silk undershirts and the odd fur piece thrown on top for good measure. Knee length skirts layered over tightly fitted midi skirts in various neutral jerseys and thick scarves piled over evening dresses and even thicker jumpers.

Reyes plays with knitwear in a special way; using texture, pattern and shape to make a statement, each piece alone is nothing special but together they bring this collection together into something wearable and sophisticated yet still holding that high fashion edge.

If this cold snap sticks around for LFW I’ll certainly be layering up in all the ways I can.

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