Sunday, 6 March 2011


Celine, Fall 2011, PFW

Phoebe Philo produces yet another amazing collection, I’m really having a minimal moment over the past few days.

Phoebe really is a genius when it comes to coats, they are always so perfectly tailored and grown up, the orange coat adding a little playfulness into her latest collection. There always a sense of luxury with Céline, the pieces are presented without need for extravagance or mindless accessories, they speak for themselves. Everything is simple including the runway but still gives off a powerful impression.

Beautiful wood grain leather was also used, which really shouldn’t look sophisticated but it does. This Céline collection would be perfect for a work wardrobe too.

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  1. I love Celine.. I found a skirt in TK Maxx the other day but still couldn't justify the price!

  2. Amazing, I never find stuff like that in TK Maxx which is probably for the best with my spending habits.



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