Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Dries Van Noten

Fall, 2011, PFW

Dries, Dries, Dries the show I get most excited about, the clothes I dream of owning and this show is no different. Dries Van Noten is the king of patterns and textures, he knows how to pattern clash in just the right way.

An Emerald green blouse with a sequin sleeve complete with fur collar can just be seen in the top image (photo quality not very good atm, be sure to check out when they upload them) is beyond my dream, faux fur for me though please. Apparently he had been influenced by David Bowie which is very evident throughout the collection, can't wait for the full collection to be up on the internet. Will no doubt post more when it is up.

BTW I totally vote for Dries to take over at Dior

Images taken from: Live picture wall

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