Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Favourite Jewellery

Gold and Sliver tone collar necklaces both H&M, Rose Gold tone earrings and gold tone 'plug' bangle ASOS, Beetle bracelet Urban Outfitters, I love tea and cake earrings from Love, Hearts and Crosses (Very Old) and Cat with bowtie necklace from Jewellery by Jaymie. 

This is a selection of my most worn jewellery, I have a few other bits I wear regularly but these are my favourite from what I own. 

I don't really wear jewellery as much as I plan-largely because I either forget to take any to my boyfriends or leave what I do remember to take there. I like a mix of clean very classic jewellery-not too expensive though as I'm clumsy with it and quirky jewellery that people are likely to notice. I also enjoy jewellery that isn't owned by everyone I know, collars are a huge trend but I've not really seen this gold H&M one on many people.

 The cat necklace is probably the thing I get complimented on the most and as a slightly crazy cat lady who can't own a cat this helps to fill that cat shaped hole. 

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  1. Those earrings are amazing & how adorable is that necklace!? Such lovely pieces <3

    jennie xo | sailorjennie.com



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