Thursday, 13 September 2012

MUA Haul and Review

So I went to Superdrug about a week ago and snapped up some MUA products, I'm usually much more of a high end product girl- okay a bit of a snob sometimes but I love this range plus as it's Superdrug's own brand I assume there is no animal testing involved. 

They had a few new products out the week I went as well so I picked them up

 Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit- £3.50

 A new product from MUA,
Love this brow palette, I even like the little brush it comes with- the tweezers aren't the best and don't really grab small hairs but they are tiny and would probably come in handy if that's all I had.
The two top colours for the shaping of your eyebrows are great for me, I use the lightest shade mixed with a tiny bit of the darker shade and then the wax to fix them. I'm not really fond of the highlight shade as it looks a bit too peachy on my skin but for £3.50 it's not really a big deal.

 Intense Kisses Lipgloss in Stolen Kisses £2

This is another new product from MUA, I've not tried the basic range lipgloss as I'm not a huge lipgloss person but this colour was lovely and very similar to a Models Prefer one I had a long time ago and can no longer get. 

The gloss itself isn't sticky at all which is perfect for me but I find it's a little runny, it's hard to apply neatly but a lighter shade might not be such a problem. I've not worn this outside of my house as I'm a bit scared of it ending up all over my face but the colour is pigmented and lasts a long time-even when it fades there is a nice stain like shade remaining.

 Extreme Felt Liner- Black £2.50

I love felt tip style liners, I have the Topshop one which I love but sometimes it just decides to be dry and unworkable. I've only had this about a week so I can't comment on how long it takes to dry up but right now I'm loving it. It creates a thin line, very black and lasts on me for about 8 hours. It can smudge just as it's applied though so unless you want it all over your face let it dry before doing other stuff

 Lipstick in Shade 4-£1

 I love MUA lipsticks, I first tried one when the brand launched and fell in love with the quality, this was my 9th lipstick- this one however isn't as great as the others I own. It's a lovely colour both in the tube and on the lip, it's just not what I was expecting but hey for £1 you can't complain.

As I spent £8 I received this  Immaculate Collection palette free, as when bought alone it costs £8 it's a brilliant deal and I have always been tempted by it. 
The eyeshadows are really good quality and whilst most of them aren't colours I'd really wear, I'm sure I'll find a use for them
Creamy texture, good pigment but they smell cheap kinda like talcum powder which puts me off a bit but they won't be going near my nose so once on I'm sure that won't be a problem.

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