Saturday, 15 September 2012

NYFW Roundup

So Fashion has moved onto London and New York is over for another season so here's a roundup of my favourite shows and looks from New York.

 Calvin Klein
Beautiful minimal collection from Calvin Klein,the garments were ever so pinup girl but as creative director Francisco Costa stated she was also an intellectual.
Costa is said to have gained inspiration from cars for some of the dresses, he played with fabrics rather than colour- layering white lining with black mesh to create new textures on the dresses.

 Alexander Wang
 Lots of leather as usual, cut outs featured on skirts, dresses and even on shoes, Wang stuck to his relaxed sportswear style teamed with sexy dresses- the floating sections held on with fishing line wire. He is easily one of the most watched designers in New York atm, hopefully he will continue to be and develop as the seasons take him.
Towards the end of the show the lights dimmed and switched to black lights to display the models in white clothing only with the garments glowing a shade of yellow.

 Oscar De La Renta
I loved this show, Oscar showed true diversity in order to show that he can adapt for any woman which works as he has dressed everyone from first ladies to Hollywood starlets.
 This collection featured everything from fitted knitwear with pencil skirts to silky jumpsuits and dramatic ballgowns, so something for any woman Oscar might dress.

Prabal Gurung
I've grown particularly fond of Prabal Gurung over the past couple of seasons and I don't think I'm alone as the business has recently boomed. This collection isn't anything ground breaking but it's still very strong with good fabrics and shapes. The main silhouette used throughout the collection was one borrowed from traditional wear from Nepal- fitted jackets teamed with loose fitting bottoms. 
Bit of a skirt over trousers thing happening here, it has also cropped up over several collections so we could be seeing it on a high street near you soon.

Proenza Schouler
Possibly my favourite designers here but erm I just didn't love this collection, some of it was perfect other pieces were just awful. The shapes of the skirts teamed with sleeveless jackets were gorgeous and perfectly downtown New York, however I felt that the patchwork dresses were a little too much and would look a mess anywhere but the catwalk.
The mixed print dresses however were stunning and will no doubt be seen on the red carpet at some point soon.

Rodarte looked towards Medieval and fantasy role-playing games for this collection, as Game Of Thrones is big news in all social circles atm this collection was sure to be a hit.
The structured floral tops are very similar to designs from Balenciaga, the sisters have clearly looked to other designers as a reference point but I still enjoy it as a whole. 
I love the heavy slightly metallic knits over mini dresses, tbh this collection is very similar to what I had in my head back in college when I was going to base my final around Armour so it makes me miss design a lot. 

 The Row
This collection shows that the pyjamas as outerwear trend isn't ready to die just yet and that skirts over trousers is definitely going to be a trend next season (really?), whilst skirts over trousers bring back horrid memories of Lycra pedal pusher come skirt hybrid I wore as a child, The Row showed a much sleeker version which look far more glamorous.
Mary-Kate and Ashley sure know how to do minimalist luxury.  

Victoria Beckham
You've probably seen thousands of reviews telling you this collection is Victoria's best yet so I won't bang on about that. The collection however is very strong and Ms Beckham continues to prove she can do fashion. Classic clean lines without excess detailing on the garments, according to Victoria Beckham has been spending a lot of time with her customers in order to give them exactly what they want, dismiss her as a designer all you want she clearly has a strong business head on her.

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