Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Well Oil Be Damned

I've recently been introduced to Decleor Aromessence Excellence body oil which leaves my skin feeling the best it has in a while, I have pretty dehydrated skin on my arms and legs so I welcome anything helps to get rid of my crocodile skin. I've been a long term lover of their Aromessence Neroli, I use three drops of this across my face and neck as part of my night time routine, so whilst it's a tad pricey it does last a long time. Both leave my skin completely silky soft without a touch of oilyness.

Another favourite for my face is Balance Me Radiance Face Oil, it's probably the most affordable one here coming in at around £15 for 10ml of product, which as it's an oil lasts a pretty long time. I roll a bit onto my fingers then warm it up between my fingertips and pat into my skin.

Lastly hair oils, probably the least scary and most popular of the oils. I've never used Moroccan oil but I've always found Ojon oils to be the best, I've just started the use the Rare Blend Oil but it's working really well so far, I have terribly dry hair at the ends . I alternate between this and a mini bottle of Milk Shake Argan Oil, which smells amazing (Am I the only one who hates the smell of most hair oils?)

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