Sunday, 20 February 2011

Bora Aksu

Bora Aksu, Fall 2011, LFW

Image: TheFashionSpot

On Friday we also got some invites to Bora Aksu, which were gorgeous btw, the show was packed so it was lucky we got there unfashionably early otherwise we might have missed out.

The collection was really well tailored and inspiration had clearly been taken from menswear that was then mixed with more feminine aspects. Tailored heavy wools were thrown over sheer blouses and delicate dresses, which worked perfectly together, armour like bodices in leather were also worn over softer dresses and trousers. Heavy knits were piled onto the model’s bodies over an array of textures, colours were kept to greys and blacks with the odd pop of green to keep it from being a boring winter collection.

Models had black mesh wrapped around their heads and round to their chins, with their hair pulled back loosely.

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  1. The collection looks insane! I really like the inspiration behind it.



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