Saturday, 19 February 2011


After getting tickets to a few shows Caroline and I went off to London yesterday, the first show on our agenda was Jena.Theo where we had rather good 2nd row seats. Sadly the venue didn't agree with my camera so this is the only okay picture.

Overall the show was amazing, some pieces really reminded me of Viktor and Rolf who I love, the makeup was a black band across the eyes an Adam and the Ants homage perhaps? Hair was messy and small front sections were twisted and pinned back behind the head.

Re-constructed clothing was a big trend in this collection with a wide range of materials including denim, tweed, jersey and wool. Sweatshirts appeared to have been taken apart, flipped upside down and then put back together, other garments seemed as if they were being worn on the wrong part of the body, small glimpses of the back were seen behind draped jersey and plaited leather and structured sleeves played a role in the collection.

Heavy knits were layered over silks and soft jersey, jersey was draped around the body with further knits wrapped around the model’s necks.Denim was layered with softer fabrics such as silks and jersey.

Finally this is what we wore:



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