Thursday, 24 February 2011

No. 21 Review

No. 21, Fall 2011, MFW

This collection had an androgynous silhouette softened up with the use of feminine colours and textures. Tailored trousers were teamed with shirts buttoned up to the neck in pastel tones of yellow and peach, the colours and feel gave more of a nod to a spring collection rather than a fall one, the heavy jumpers and pastel furs being the only thing bringing it all back together as a fall collection.

Many of the pieces appeared to have been sprinkled in gold flecks, including jumpers and a dressing gown style wrap coat and peachy feathers peaked out of the bottom of a boxed shoulder white knee length coat. Lace in a range of colours was also used from white lace straight legged trousers to a pink lace dress that had a boxy top and was fitted around the skirt.

The two plunge front dresses towards the start seemed out of place amongst the subtle feminine feel to the rest of the collection and to me, ruins the class the collection holds without them.

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  1. A very pretty collection, I love the fluffy skirt and jumper a lot

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  2. Oh wow, beautiful collection! I love your blog :)

    The Flower Girl

  3. I love the use of sprinkled gold, makes the outfits look sooo bloody rad!
    This was such a great post - you write really well :) x



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