Saturday, 12 February 2011

Rag & Bone review

Rag & Bone, NYFW, Fall 2011.

The models hair is styled in a way that is reminiscent of Alexander Wang’s side plaits of the S2010 collection, the makeup heavy and dark around the eyes left plain and basic elsewhere.

The Rag & Bone show started with muted colours and fabrics full of textures, whether that be quilted, feathered or luxurious looking suede. Without the textures and the slight ski wear appearance the start of show would have been nothing special, as the show continued colours started to appear. Small flashes of bright colours, strips of orange sewn upon lightly checked suits with soft patterns quickly transformed into tartan outfits still muted down with neutral sleeves or collars. The middle of the collection mixed electric blue with bright orange, yet never looked garish, these looks were softened by dark coats or neutral coloured accessories including thigh high socks and leggings in browns with white ‘Y’ like patterns upon them- tartan sections still being present on these garments. As the collection drew to an end it transformed in a much darker affair, the electric blue flashes were still present giving the collection an icy wintery feel, making the collection feel much more like a fall collection than it did at the start of the show. The final few looks were clearly inspired by American jocks and English school boys, jock jackets were mixed with what appears to be private school uniforms.

Overall the Rag & Bone show was somewhat a journey through fashion, colours transformed from crisp wintery whites through bright 70s blues and oranges and finally to deep greys and blacks. A winner of a collection.

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