Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Tibi, Fall 2011, NYFW

I’m in love with this collection and it makes me really jealous of my friend Katie (thearchitecturalbody) who recently bought a neon pink beanie in the H+M sale for a pound. Heavy shearling jackets layered over floaty dresses is a little love of mine, although it’s nothing new or different. I wasn’t a fan of shearling last season but the styling in this collection really attracts me, maybe it’s because I can see Mary Kate Olsen wearing it and I want to be her, basically.

The show started with neutral colours; various shades of grey and brown were the key colours to the collection. Flashes of pink were present with these colours, most effectively with the use of the pink beanies but glimpses of pink t-shirts and sleeves also played a role. The middle of the collection saw the use of blue and bronze, including a navy blue sheer blouse with a bronze detailed collar which I’m sure will be seen on Alexa Chung in the future. However, like most collections this season it’s not very suitable for the colder weather; the black trousers and white vest combo shown above is an ideal summer outfit. The last dress has amazing structure to it and although not being fitted to the body on the top or the skirt, the cut nips the model in at the waist and shows that mad men is still influencing designers.

Makeup and hair were both kept simple and clean, with hair in loose ponytails.

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